William Tsao


New York UniversityGPA 3.787

B.A. Computer Science

Coursework(topics/language used):
Data Structure (Java) Computer System Organization (C, Assembly) Basic Algorithms
Operating System Web Development(JS, PHP) Database Design(SQL)
Parallel Computing (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA) Applied Internet Technology(Node, Mongo) Computer Network
Programing and Data Science(Flask, mySQL) Large Scale Webapp(Django, mySQL) Social Network
Current Courses:
Intro to Computer Security

Work Experience

Thinking Caps Group

Math Tutor

Tutoring for SAT, ISEE, middle high school math and sciences.


Intern Developer

From June to September I worked on automated UI testing with WebdriverIO + Sauce Labs(for vitual enviroments).
During January I will work on Continuous Integration with TravisCI.



Familiar With: C Java
Flunt In: Python JavaScript


Familiar With: Node.js Flask
Flunt In: Django WebdriverIO


Automated UI Testing

This is a project I worked on for Photoshelter, a Digital Asset Management service. Using WebdriverIO with SauceLabs integration to provide automated UI testing.
github: https://github.com/WilliamTsao/ps-wdio-project

WhatNow (Node.js Webapp)

Basic Quora-like webapp built on Node.js and mongoDB. Deployed on Heroku. Debugging in progress.
URL: https://infinite-atoll-99335.herokuapp.com/
github: https://github.com/WilliamTsao/WhatNow

StreeTunes (Django Webapp)

This webapp allows street musicians to distribute and sell their music with a simple QR code scan. Project largely focused on scalability with DB sharding. Deployed on EC2 with 3 docker containers running mySQL simulating 3 separate shards.
URL: https://streeTunes.williamtsao.com/streeTunes/scan/
github: https://github.com/WilliamTsao/LSWA-Project