William Tsao


New York UniversityGPA 3.7

B.A. Computer Science

Coursework(topics/language used):
Intro to Computer Programing (python) Intro to Computer Science (Java) Data Structure (Java)
Computer System Organization (C, Assembly) Basic Algorithms Intro to Web Design (HTML, CSS)

Web Development and Programing (JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX, PHP) Micro Economics, Discrete Math, Calculus II, Linear Algebra

Current Courses:
Operating System Database Design(SQL)
Parallel Computing Applied Internet Technology(backend js, node, MongoDB)

Work Experience

Thinking Caps Group

Math Tutor

Thinking Caps Group matches me with students. TCG also provides training and seminars for tutors. I prepare materials for lessons, assign homework, and makes sure students have a solid understanding of materials. I teach SAT prep, ISEE prep, middle school and high school math and sciences.



Familiar With: C Python Swift
Flunt In: Java JavaScript


Familiar With: React Native Back-end Web Development
Flunt In: Front-end Web Development


MMA Person Trainer (Website)

A website for student to sign up for personal mixed martial arts lessons or training sessions. Full stack development. Back-end current handle user authentication. Contents for "Students" section are still in progress.
URL: williamtsao.com/projects/jonBoy

Albums App (React Native)

This is a basic app built with React Native displaying some albums and a button that takes the user to that product on Amazon.com. This was a practice to get familiar with React Native.
URL: https://github.com/WilliamTsao/Albums

Python Web Scraper

Scrapes the Edgar database of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for insider trading information. This program uses joblib library to parallelize the scraping to increase prerformance. It outputs a CSV file with information from latest insider trading filed.
URL: https://github.com/WilliamTsao/Python-Web-Scraper